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Glacier cares: do you want to help?

The number of homeless people and abandoned animals has increased significantly during lockdown. 

We are aware that there may be many of you who would like to support an organisation, but with so many to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to go. Glacier's initiative can help you make this decision much easier. 

One of Glacier's values is centred on the concept of Ubuntu - I am because you are. Based on this concept of interconnectedness between humans and our relationship with animals and the environment, we’ve set up a website called Glacier We Care. The Glacier We Care website will feature various community organisations to assist you in finding a cause for you to support that aligns with your values and ideals. To give as many organisations as possible a chance for support, the website will be updated every six months. 

If this is a cause that resonates with you, we would like to encourage you to get involved.

Access the website

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