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How appealing is your online presence?

In this time of social and physical distancing and when meeting your clients in person is nearly impossible, how do you stand out from your competitors?  That’s the question that Andy Preston, motivational speaker, sales influencer and master sales trainer asked at a Glacier webinar earlier this year.

Digital is the great equaliser

Whether you have four or 40 years of experience in the industry, your digital profile can set you apart from your competitors, says Andy.  Here are 10 tips to help you increase your online credibility:

  1. Every person is a salesperson. We can all sell, influence, compel and persuade. The trick is to get people to come to a point of choosing your brand. Product knowledge alone will not get you through the door. Industry knowledge is expected of you and the quality of your advice can be proven, but only over time. What will set you apart is your ability to promote or influence people – especially online.
  2. South Africa is a conservative market, especially regarding financial services. People still like face-to-face advice. COVID has shifted this slightly though, so the opportunity to go digital has increased. Younger clients would definitely be more on board with this than perhaps those 60 years and older. If clients are prepared to interact digitally, they will find people who will service them that way. You need to be prepared for hybrid servicing models.
  3. You may have transitioned to digital, but are you world-class at it? This question begs a host of others:
  • What is Brand ‘YOU’ and what does your digital footprint say about you?
    • What is your sales brand?
    • What opportunities and platforms have you identified in the digital space and how would they work for you, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn?
    • Do you know how to engage on different platforms as they all serve different markets and they each have their own purpose?
    • No matter who you work for, how do you build your sales brand without relying on the brand you work for?   
    • What does your client see online about you, when they’re not with you?
    • When they check you out, do you pass the credibility test?
  • People look for reasons not to trust you. They will check you out online and when they look for you, what will they find? 
  • Get good at delivering you on camera. Engage with your audience in an online meeting. Speak with expression. Encourage your audience to put their cameras on.
  • Make your online profile appealing and attractive.  Your profile picture should look like you. Use the same image for all your platforms so it becomes part of your brand. There should be little difference between the online and offline you.
  • Post good, relevant content regularly, so that you remain top-of-mind. Also, try and include videos so that people get comfortable with your face.
  • Include the corporate names you are associated with, whether they are your clients or those that have approached you to do presentations for them.
  • Create stand-out moments for your clients. This means treating them as VIPs and tapping into their passions, likes and preferences. Remembering small details that are important to them sometimes can make a world of difference in your client relationships.
  • Become a professional opportunity spotter. Building relationships and ultimately closing deals start with you seeing possibilities, making connections (in the real world and online) and grabbing the myriad opportunities that present themselves. 
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