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Glacier Hedge Fund webinar

The hedge fund industry has evolved significantly over the last couple of years.  We’ve seen regulatory changes, changes to typical structures as well as liquidity profiles of these structures, all of which make it possible for Glacier to offer hedge fund collective investment scheme (CIS) portfolios to investors via the platform. 

As part of a strategic intent to make selective hedge funds more accessible to our clients, and to assist in reducing the opacity of this asset class, we’ve compiled a document (included in this issue of Glacier Weekly and available on Glacier Insights to improve understanding around hedge funds.  We also held our first educational session around hedge funds, where Terebinth Capital, one of the Amplify hedge fund managers was given the opportunity to give insights around their solutions and philosophies.  We aim to host more of these webinars this year, where the other hedge fund managers will have the same opportunity to unpack their funds and answer your most pertinent questions.

Please note that these funds are available only for endowments and post-retirement contractual solutions.

Welcoming attendees to Glacier’s first Hedge Fund webinar, Dean de Nysschen, Senior Research & Investment Analyst at Glacier by Sanlam said that he believes hedge funds will play an increasingly important role in portfolio construction and diversification, especially when current macroeconomic factors locally and globally are taken into account. 

Presenters Marthinus van der Nest, Head of Amplify Investment Partners, and Erik Nel, CIO of Terebinth Capital, unpacked their solutions and outlined some of the considerations investors in hedge funds needs to be aware of.

Read “The benefits of fixed income hedge funds in portfolio construction” by Marthinus van der Nest.

Read “Combining hedge and long-only funds is the better approach” by Erik Nel.

The hedge funds will be made available to Sanlam financial advisers in the near future.

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