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With the Sanlam Wealth Edge Endowment Plan

By Roenica Tyson – Investment product manager

It’s perfectly understandable that investors are nervous when markets are volatile. While election fever is over, investors still wait for markets to return to normal, and for policy certainty in order for business confidence to improve. In addition to local events, investors also have Brexit, US-China trade tensions and slowing global growth to consider as well – and all of these things affect our local markets.

When markets are volatile and uncertain it’s more important than ever to choose the right product to navigate risks and meet your needs. Many investors are looking for guarantees and protection from falling markets. It was with this in mind that the Wealth Edge Endowment Plan was developed.

Glacier by Sanlam will launch the Sanlam Wealth Edge Endowment Plan in June this year.

Wealth Edge is a five-year, tax-efficient investment solution which offers a boost to the initial net investment amount, a reward for staying invested and optional protection to limit losses in a declining market.

Helping investors grow their wealth

Many investors question the need to tolerate volatility in the markets when cash is delivering a healthy return by comparison. In this instance, it’s important to keep the longer-term picture in mind. Growth assets such as equities are necessary to grow wealth over the long term.

One of the biggest advantages of the Wealth Edge Endowment Plan is the investment guarantee offered on selected funds, which protects against market falls. Offering investors the security of knowing they have this downside protection gives them the confidence to take on more exposure to growth assets to grow their wealth over the long term. This should give them a better outcome than if they were to main cautious and invested in cash.

Growing investors’ wealth from day one

Investors receive an additional 8% allocation on the initial net investment amount, so growth takes place on this extra amount from day one.

In addition to the above features, the Wealth Edge Endowment Plan also has all of the standard benefits of an endowment. It can also be combined with other products, so that investors can cover their short-, medium- and long-term investment goals within their portfolio.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Additional 8% allocation – on the initial net investment amount, giving clients the edge from day one
  • Investment guarantee – protect investments against potential market downturns with an optional unit price guarantee.
  • Loyalty bonus – Incentivises clients to remain invested with a after five years.
  • Easy investing – Access a carefully curated list of risk-profiled solution funds to make portfolio selection easier than ever.

The Sanlam Wealth Edge Endowment Plan is an ideal solution to help investors target tax-efficient growth.

Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd are licensed financial services providers. The Wealth Edge Endowment Plan is underwritten by Sanlam Developing Markets Ltd and administered by Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd

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