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Planning for retirement

Let our collated resources assist in making the task of planning for your retirement , easier and less stressful.

Whether you are looking to start laying the foundation for a bright future today or to secure a regular income during retirement, the resources below will help you better understand what is required when speaking to your financial adviser about your retirement goals.


Whether you’re approaching retirement, or already in retirement, you’ll find something for your particular situation in our content library.  Our panel of experts address topics ranging from how to handle market volatility, to how not to turn a paper loss into a real loss, and why growth assets are important – even after you’ve retired.

How to live long and prosper
Getting real about retrenchment
10 tips to (financially) survive retrenchment
Retiring in a Storm
The benefits of increasing offshore exposure in post-retirement
What it takes to live a fulfilling life – now and in the years ahead
Section 37C and nominees
Plan for a sustainable income in retirement
Section 37C and settlement agreements
Taxation Laws Amendment Act No. 23 of 2018

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Practical resources

Use our library of supporting documents to explain the available solutions, help with investment decisions, or simply understand concepts related to retirement finances better.

Client resources

Applying your retirement fund savings wisely
10 Tips to (financially) survive retrenchment
Getting Real About Retrenchment
Retrenchment and Tax
Live your best retirement possible
Retirement Income Solutions
Glacier Retirement Saving Solutions
Glacier Retirement Income Solutions
The Glacier Retirement Fund Solution

Intermediary resources

Retirement Income Strategies - addressing the most prevalent concerns
The retirement fund industry Vs the return of the prescribed assets requirement
Providing peace of mind during uncertain times
Retirement Income Considerations
Cumulus Echo Pension and Provident Preservers
Guaranteed Life Annuities
Investment- Linked Lifetime Income Plan
Intermediary Value Proposition

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Access practical examples and visual representations that simplify retirement-related concepts and investments.

Benefits of investing in a retirement annuity
If you could have a conversation with yourself
A recipe for a happy retirement
Creating your dream retirement is like building a house
Choose a retirement income solution based on your priorities

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Listen to experts share their insights, views and research on topical issues, products and solutions that relate to your investments.

Achieve a more sustainable retirement income by combining different solutions
Combining a living and a life annuity for best effect
Including the Sanlam Monthly Bonus Fund in your clients’ post-retirement solutions
Post-retirement income planning
Saving for retirement requires a positive mindset
The Sanlam Monthly Bonus Fund in pre-retirement solutions

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Watch content on topical issues, products and solutions that relate to your investments.

Retirement considerations
Retirement Income Masterclass | Part 1
Retirement Income Masterclass | Part 2

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In the News

Browse through a selection of media articles on retirement.  Our articles range from the more technical – dealing with products and the markets – to the more inspirational.  Be inspired by how some retirees are choosing to spend their days.

Sowetan - Be proactive if you are stretched in these tough times - 26 March 2020
Personal Finance - Four lessons from retirees who got it right - 2 December 2017
Personal Finance - Choose your retirement adventure - 18 November 2017
Personal Finance - How to manage your retirement income - 16 September 2017
Finweek - Don't turn down your perfect life - 15 September 2016
The Citizen - It's never too early to start saving - 24 September 2016
The Citizen - Make goals lumpy and meaningful - 10 September 2016
The Citizen - Glacier by Sanlam calculator helps you find best way forward - 20 August 2016
The Citizen - Don't leave yourself short of cash when you retire - 6 August 2016
Fast Company - For making retirement real for young people - December 2015
Finweek - Still lots of living to be done - 10 December 2015
Personal Finance - Beware impact of inflation - 7 November 2015
Personal Finance - Health matters loom larger as you get older - 24 October 2015
Personal Finance - Campaign brings home retirement's realities - 10 October 2015

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Our digital platforms and tools enable intermediaries to offer superior service to their clients, anywhere and at any time. The tools provide support to intermediaries when advising clients on the best solution for their needs, and allow intermediaries to submit proposals to clients online.  Our paperless, straight-through, secure processes help intermediaries work smartly and efficiently.

Glacier Retirement Income Planner (For Intermediary use)
Glacier Retirement Salary Calculator
Glacier Solutions Guide

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Start laying the foundation for a bright future today.

Glacier Retirement Annuity
Glacier Preservation Funds
Sanlam ​​​​​​​Cumulus Echo Preservers

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Secure a regular income during retirement with our range of retirement income solutions

Sanlam Life Annuity
Glacier's Investment-linked Lifetime Income Plan
Glacier Investment-linked Living Annuity (ILLA)

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