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Quarterly statements for the period ending 31 May 2024

4 June 2024

Statements for the quarter ending 31 May 2024 will be made available on the Glacier intermediary web from 11 June onwards.  You will receive an email notification as and when the statement batches are made available on the web.  Distribution to clients will be on 14 June.

  • Tax certificates (IT3a, b, c, s) and RA contribution certificates will be included with the statements.
  • IRP5s are currently available on the web.  We will send these to email clients on
    14 June as well, in a separate email.
  • IRP5s will not be posted to clients who elected to receive communication via mail, as the document includes sensitive and extensive personal information.  All IRP5 information gets provided to SARS and prepopulated on the individual tax returns.  It is also available online or from our Communication Centre. 
  • Clients can download their Glacier tax certificates from both the Sanlam and Glacier secure online websites. Alternatively, individual tax certificates are also available from our Communication Centre.

Summary of the availability of tax certificates:

summary of the availability of tax certificates

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