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Employees in the public sector have unique financial planning and investment needs. We are committed to empowering intermediaries who serve public servants and their clients in the public sector, with information, insights and skills.

Financial education and holistic advice amongst public sector employees is something that we take seriously. This page should support you to service your public sector clients as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Latest resources available on SanPort:

Public Sector Newsfeed

- GEPF News May 2022 edition - Helping you to claim your benefits
- Request for approval - Extension of Transnet Retirement Age


- Video: Financial intermediaries serving the public sector
- Public Sector Strategy
- Retrenchment Tax

GEPF Educational Video Series

- The GEPF in a nutshell
- Retirement in the GEPF vs Resignation
- Possible member scenarios in the GEPF

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Overview on the Two Pot Retirement System in the GEPF context


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Useful Public Sector Insights

Retirement Insights | 2 min read
Unpacking Glacier’s discretionary (non-retirement) solutions
Retirement Insights | 2 min read
How Glacier supports intermediaries servicing the public sector
Retirement Insights | 1 min read
Government workers as a market for financial planning – an overview
Retirement Insights | 4 min read
Considering options for discretionary capital in the GEPF environment
Retirement Insights | 3 min read
Considering options for ‘compulsory money’ in the GEPF environment

Public Sector Summit 2024

The Public Sector Summit helped delegates identify some opportunities to service this sector, being the largest employer in South Africa. If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it again, please click on the button below.

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Additional articles to assist in servicing your public sector clients

Retirement Insights | 2 min read
What to know about preservation funds and why you may need one
Retirement Insights | 2 min read
Tax implications of retirement annuity contributions on behalf of minors
Retirement Insights | 6 min read
The 10 most important considerations when selecting a retirement income solution
Retirement Insights | 4 min read
Considerations regarding a deceased loved one’s retirement savings

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