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Adding low cost, passive exposure to your clients’ portfolios

By Roenica Tyson, Investment Product Manager

The math is simple – reducing costs can have a significant impact on returns over the long term. This, along with evidence of many active managers underperforming indices, underpins more and more investors adding low cost, passive exposure to their portfolios.

Glacier now also offers direct access to ETFs

At Glacier, an extensive range of passive unit trust funds is available to construct the ideal portfolio for your client. Investors are also able to access ETFs via their s in various Glacier solutions.

Now Glacier has made it even simpler and cheaper by adding a limited range of ETFs directly on the platform. This range can be accessed across our local platform product range alongside unit trust funds, and can even be included in a wrap fund.

The ETFs are offered in partnership with Satrix, adding some unique and low cost flagship ETFs.

The equity ETFs offer exposure to SA (Top 40) or global developed (MSCI World) and emerging markets (MSCI Emerging Markets). The US equity market can be access via the wider S&P 500, or via the Nasdaq 100 for a more technology and innovation-based position.

Frequently asked questions

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¹TERs as at 30 March 2019

Satrix ETFTER1
Top 400.10%
MSCI World0.35%
Nasdaq 100.48%
S&P 5000.25%
MSCI Emerging Markets0.40%
Satrix Managers (RF) (Pty) Ltd (Satrix) a registered and approved Manager in Collective Investment Schemes in Securities and an authorised financial services provider in terms of the FAIS.

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