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How Glacier International takes the stress out of CGT calculations

With Glacier International’s CGT Hypothetical Calculator, capital gains tax (CGT) calculations on withdrawals from or switches of offshore investment choices, literally now will take minutes.

The calculation of CGT arguably causes the most anxiety for intermediaries performing switches and withdrawals on behalf of clients or for clients who prefer self-service. The stress ends here, says Nathan Naidoo, Client Services Manager at Glacier International. 

An old problem solved with technology

“We noticed that many intermediaries and clients were reaching out to our Client Services consultants to perform hypothetical calculations where withdrawals or switches in their plans were required”, says Nathan.

“It could take between four and five hours for the client to receive the calculation from the time they made a request. That could possibly mean days where there are multiple requests. We knew there had to be a more efficient way for these calculations to be performed. The CGT Hypothetical Calculator is designed for clients and intermediaries to perform these calculations on their own, and literally within minutes!”     

Easy access and time-saving

The CGT Hypothetical Calculator is available on the Glacier International platform on the following plans: 

  • Global Life Plan
  • Global Investment Plan
  • Global Collection Plan
  • Offshore Investment Plan (lump sum and recurring options)

“Whether you’re an intermediary or a client, the CGT Calculator is easy to use.  It also attests to Glacier International’s commitment to enabling clients and intermediaries – through digital tools and techniques – to do business with us, with ease”.

We have created a guide to help you use the Hypothetical CGT Calculator on the Glacier International platform.

View the guide here.

If you would like to know more about the CGT Hypothetical Calculator, or Glacier International’s wide range of offshore solutions, contact the Client Services team at           

Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd are licensed financial services providers
Glacier International is a division of Sanlam Life Insurance Limited, a Licensed Financial Services Provider in South Africa and a member of the Sanlam Group.  
The Global Life Plan is an offshore endowment policy and the Global Investment Plan is an offshore sinking fund.  Both policies are issued by the Sanlam Life Insurance Bermuda branch. 
The Glacier Offshore Investment Plan is a flexible, discretionary savings vehicle which offers investors the opportunity to invest offshore, accessing different markets and currencies.  It is administered by Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a licensed administrative financial services provider, FSP 770.

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