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Sanlam Income with Capital Preservation Plan (Optional)

Secure a lifelong income from a life annuity underwritten by Sanlam Life, that allows you to provide for your dependants after your death, and offers annual income growth options

The Sanlam Income with Capital Preservation Plan is a life annuity that lets you provide for your loved ones after your death by means of an added life cover policy – with a life cover amount chosen by you.

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Main features of the Sanlam Income with Capital Preservation Plan

How it works

You purchase two life annuities with a minimum lump sum of R20 000. One of the life annuities will provide you with a monthly income for the rest of your life. The second life annuity will pay for the premiums of your life cover policy, which will provide an amount selected by you to your loved ones or your deceased estate on your death.

Product Flexibility

Option to add a second life insured

A second life insured can be selected to ensure that the income continues to be paid for the lifetime of a second life.  The income will be payable until the death of the last life insured.

Option to reduce income on first death

If a second life insured was added, there is also the option of reducing the income payment by a selected percentage on the first death.

Option to choose the value of the life cover

To provide for your dependants after you pass away, you can choose any amount of life cover, from a minimum of R20 000 to a maximum of the value of your initial investment amount.


Fees vary per product and your underlying investment. Please speak to your financial intermediary to make sure that you pay the correct fees and that you understand which fees you pay and why.

Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a Licensed Financial Services Provider
The Sanlam Income with Capital Preservation Plan is a policy underwritten by Sanlam Life, a Licensed Life Insurer, Financial Services and Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP43)

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